Universal Phone Holder Dash Mount For Smartphones and GPS Devices

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This Car CD Slot Holder installs directly into a CD player slot or in the grooves of your dash. Patent Pending design. Non-Damage installation without suction cups, clips, screws, adhesives or glue. Easy to install without any tools.



  • Unique flipper blade design with high-quality rubber lip stabilizes the mount in the CD slot stable
  • Firmly mounts cell phones, satellite radios, GPS, MP3 players
  • Inserts into front loading CD player slot (best viewing angle), where device controls are easily accessible by the driver
  • Safe, easy installation without suction cups, clips, screws, adhesives, or glue.  CD player functions normally after installation
  • Unique round knot design is easily adjustable to get the best view
  • 100% high-quality ABS materials meet RoHS standard
  • Fits devices up to 80mm maximum width



  1. To find the best installation location, we recommend CD slot.
  2. Connect the holder-arm, mount it to the base, and lock it.
  3. Insert the plastic blade edge into the CD player slot, just wide enough to provide a firm hold.
  4. Turn the knob to gently widen the blade edge until the mount holds firm.
  5. Insert your cell phone, GPS unit, or handheld device. 
  6. Adjust to the best viewing angle.

Package Includes:


  • 1 X CD Slot Mount holder