Mosquito Killer Lamp USB

$27.95 USD

White with plug
Mosquito lamp
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  • Using a 368 nm mosquito UV light capture lamp, 360 ° illumination, photocatalyst and photocatalytic reaction, release carbon dioxide and air circulation by simulating the moisture of carbon dioxide. carbon emitted by the human body and attracting mosquitoes in all directions
  • Safe : The mosquito killer lamp is no radiation, no noise, non-toxic and chemical-free. Safe for human health and environment. Suitable for both pregnant women and babies.
  • When the mosquito is sucked into the capture grid, it is difficult to escape the powerful fan vortex that has been squeezed by the cyclone to the bottom of the mosquito tray. Let him die dehydrated and air dry.
  • Easy - Cleaning: The removable plastic tray at the bottom of the unit collects dead insect, simply remove the tray for cleaning and disposal of bugs. Please ensure the unit is unplugged and turned off while cleaning.
  • The ventilator agitates the surrounding air to form a vortex, so that the mosquito flies with the airflow. When the mosquito approaches the blower, it will be sucked into the bottom of the powerful vortex trap.