Magnetic Adapter for Super-Fast Data Transfer & Charging

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Black to Micro USB
Sliver to Micro USB
Black For iPhone
Sliver For iPhone
Black to Type-C
Sliver to Type-C


Do you want to charge your Android/iPhone/iPod/iPad devices faster than ever?

NERDVIP offers you this super-fast, up to 3-in 1 Micro USB Magnetic Adapter for charging and transferring data to/from Android/Apple devices. This magnetic adapter plugs easily and firmly into your device. Safety, reliability, and ease of use are highlights of this product! It is available in black and silver.

This adapter combines three types of head (Apple, C, micro) to use either with your Apple, or Android device. This is definitely the best option to charge or transfer data to/from your devices.

Please note, the magnetic base is sold with the one head of your choice.