Aurora Borealis Sterling Silver Earrings - NEW!

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Gem Color
Dark Aurora
Light Aurora


Experience the wonder of the Aurora Borealis


Handcrafted from natural moonstone crystal and S925 Sterling Silver and available in two breathtaking colors: Dark Aurora or Light Aurora!

Blazing in brilliant streaks of color that dance across a dark sky, the breathtaking Aurora Borealis is a natural wonder to behold. In these waving prisms of light lies the illuminating mystery and magnificence of the stratosphere.

Now you can wear the dazzling beauty of the Northern Lights in the Aurora Borealis Earrings like never before!

Our “starlit” forest-themed pendant is made completely and lovingly by hand from solid S925 Sterling Silver and natural moonstone crystal. Turning the moonstone crystal in the sunlight, candlelight, or moonlight will show infinite different halos, reminiscent of the colorful Aurora Borealis.

 What Causes Auroras?

Auroras are the result of collisions between gaseous particles (in the Earth’s atmosphere) with charged particles (released from the sun’s atmosphere). Variations in color are due to the type of gas particles that are colliding. The most common aurora color is green and is produced by oxygen molecules located about 60 miles above the earth. The rarer red auroras are produced by high-altitude oxygen, at heights of up to 200 miles. Nitrogen produces blue or purple aurora. For more really neat information on Auroras, please click here or here!


  • Earring Type: Stud Earrings
  • Stone: Natural Moonstone Crystal
  • Material: S925 Sterling Silver
  • Size: 50cm + 5cm extension
  • Chain Type: Link Chain
  • Shape\pattern: Round
  • Pendant Size: 12mm
  • Purity: 925 silver
  • Length: 50cm
  • Extension chain: about 5cm
  • Net weight: 0.025kg
  • Color: As pictured
  • Environmental Standard: Nickle free, Lead-Free, Cadmium Free
  • Process: 100% Handmade